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Letter from the Director | Summer 2021

Dear Suzuki families and friends.

It has been some time since we have published the Suzuki Triangle Newsletter. As you might imagine, there hasn’t been a lot of news for the past 18 months, but as we prepare for a new school year, we wanted to reach out and tell you what we have been up to, and what are plans are for the 2021-22 academic year.

I want to first start by acknowledging the tremendous stress that the pandemic has placed on our children. They have been forced to quarantine, wear masks and spend countless hours of their lives in front of screens as we have all tried to create some sense of normalcy for them.

I also want to acknowledge the amazing support and dedication of our Suzuki families to our program, our faculty and their children’s musical education. We are extremely grateful to have survived the challenges of the pandemic.

This fall we hope to offer a return to a normal personal experience for each child in our care. We will continue to follow all state mandated protocols regarding Covid 19, but we want to provide as much in-person community as possible.

Parents of current students, please be on the lookout for your fall 2021 registration materials in the mail. They are being sent this week.

Looking ahead, we have many exciting concerts and events planned for the year. Please check the calendar on the school’s website. Here are a few highlights!

We will return to Hammerschmidt Chapel for our Winter Concert on Sunday, November 21st and we have booked the beautiful Wentz Concert Hall in Downtown Naperville for our Spring group class concert on May 22nd. Our Chicago Consort will return to international touring with a Consort tour to Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona Spain in June 2022!

Edward Kreitman, Director

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