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We are incredibly proud to offer the highest level of musical instruction in the communities we serve - but you don't have to take our word for it.  We hope these parent testimonials provide useful perspective for families considering joining us!

My Suzuki experience, as a parent to three young violin students, has honestly been one of the great and surprising pleasures of my life! Our inspiring and talented teachers, the weekly lessons, the daily practice and the music itself has brought the children not only increasing musical literacy and skill but more importantly, I believe, a sense of personal well-being and a deeper connection to the best in the human spirit.  


Although neither of us ever studied music formally, my husband and I agreed early on that we wanted to bring music into the everyday life of our family.  Our ambition is certainly not for them to become concert violinists.  Rather, through steady accomplishments (at their own pace) we hope that they will become more sensitive to both the beauty and the science of music and appreciative of how discipline and concentration are critical to achieving goals in life.


The Suzuki philosophy, with its' emphasis on parental involvement and on the total understanding and development of the child, is certainly helping our children grow in this manner.  And we have been learning, right along with them, what makes music work , what makes it beautiful and how "talent" education can reinforce so many of the important life lessons that we are trying to impart.  We feel so fortunate to have such an esteemed Suzuki school nearby!

Jennifer Reenan


As parents with little to no musical background and a passion for music, involving our children in music education is important to us.  Both of our girls (ages 5 and 4) began the violin at age three.  Although we are relatively "new," the growth and development observed as a result of their music experience at WSSTE is impressive; especially in terms of self- confidence, teamwork, self accomplishment from hard work, and camaraderie all the while developing an ear for music and a beautiful skill.  The teachers at WSSTE provide guidance and encouragement to students and parents alike with unending patience. Their passion for the students' growth is refreshing to see.

Sarah Wieczorkiewicz


The experience of discovering the violin and the Suzuki Method of teaching with our son has been a joy for our family. Music is now a daily part of our life, and it has enriched our home. Our favorite thing about Naperville Suzuki School is the group-class experience. We're constantly amazed at the young children’s good behavior, excellent focus, and the beautiful music they make with their violins. NSS teachers strive for excellence, and the children rise up to the challenge. We plan to be a part of the NSS family throughout our son’s musical journey.

Rita and Craig Woker


We started researching music programs for our daughter when she was 3 years old and quickly found that our options were very limited due to minimum age requirements starting at 5-6 years old.  We heard of the Suzuki method and were so fortunate to find the Naperville Suzuki School.  I wondered whether it was really possible to teach a child this young to play an instrument when she was still learning to speak and read.  After observing a class for a student in the same age range as our daughter, I was so impressed with the quality and execution of the program.   Not only could I see the foundation of building skills to eventually play the violin but the instruction itself was special and unique. 


It has been almost 2 ½ years since we enrolled and we could not be happier with the quality of the lessons we are receiving from our teacher, Ryan Caparella.  He has been a true partner in developing our daughter’s violin technique but more importantly, he is doing it in a way that is nurturing her self-esteem, and confidence.   Ryan’s approach is wonderful to watch because he understands the needs of each child and we see this first hand with our daughter.  He has tailored his lessons to her personality and needs while still delivering first class instruction in the Suzuki Philosophy.


We are proud to be a part of the WSSTE and NSS family.  The staff has done a wonderful job providing opportunities to further expand the joy and appreciation of music through special performances and events.

Arlana Puckitt


The Western Spring Suzuki School of Talent Education is an excellent school that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to provide an exemplary musical experience for their child.  One of the many superior teachers at this school is Miss Sally Gross, who has been my daughter’s cello instructor since the age of three.   Sally is truly a caring, compassionate cello instructor who fosters in her students a love of music.  She recognizes each child as an individual and nurtures them to become the best that they can be.   


Sally builds strong relationships with her cello students, as well as the families that are fortunate enough to have her.  Our daughter is the cello player she is today because of the outstanding teaching of Sally Gross.

Diane Pece


What I appreciate the most about this program besides the excellent teaching staff is the strong sense of community that’s ever present. There are so many parents that are willing to advise and lend a sympathetic ear. The wonderful music that my children are finally able to produce even to their untrained parents’  ears is really a bonus.

Yongtae Kim

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