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The Western Springs School of Talent Education and Naperville Suzuki School are proud to present five CDs celebrating the outstanding playing of our advanced performance ensembles, Chicago Consort and Cellissimo.

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Contrasts Music School Naperville Wester
Four Seasons Music School Naperville Wes
Consort Christmas Music School Napervill
Consort Jealousy Music School Naperville

Cellissimo is the eponymously-titled debut album of the advanced cello performance group of the Western Springs School of Talent Education and the Naperville Suzuki School. The repertoire ranges from classical to original compositions for cello ensemble to pop arrangements. They perform unison repertoire with and without piano, and ensemble music up to nine voices. Because the cello has a range of roughly five octaves, and can produce a variety of timbres and textures, it is particularly well-suited to same-instrument ensemble playing.  

Contrasts offers an eclectic selection of musical styles  This compact disc demonstrates the Chicago Consort's stunning technical mastery of the violin and the thrilling musical tours de force Praeludiu and Allegro and The Erlking.  Contrasting this big bravura sound are the ethereal Poeme and Hymn to Hope which showcase the ensemble's lyrical cantabile sound.

The Chicago Consort Vivaldi Four Seasons project was Inspired by a performance of the Four Season's by Violinist Joshua Bell with the Czech Chamber Musicians.  Chicago Consort Director Tom Wermuth and WSSTE Director Ed Kreitman attended the concert and immediately following, both had the same idea: to make a recording of The Four Seasons with a different Consort member as soloist in each movement.  The project became the focus for the group that year and we are so happy with the results.  Enjoy!

Christmas has always been a special time for the members of the Chicago Consort.  The majority of our live performances take place during this season, and the music we play evokes fond memories of people, places, and time.  It is appropriate that our second compact disc should have a Christmas theme.  We hope that you enjoy listening to this muic a much as we enjoy playing it.  

Jealousy was the first recording project that the Chicago Consort undertook.  There were so many arrangements that Mr. Wermuth had created for the group to perform, we thought we should record them on a CD. We loved the theme of Tangos and other music of the heart as a starting point, and we filled the CD with additional pieces that we have long enjoyed performing.​