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Cello Teaching Strategies



October 9, 17 & 24, 2021






October 9: 8AM - 12PM CDT
October 17 & 24: 6PM - 9PM CDT

Online via Zoom


Every Child Can!, Cello Unit 1.
Minimum one year of teaching experience highly recommended.

Basic, Intermediate, or Comprehensive

Sally Gross
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This exciting 10 hour course is about the how to teach;  filling your toolbox with more creative techniques but also addressing more subtle areas for improvement.  Each participant will be asked to show 3-4 short videos of your teaching, consider it a masterclass in teaching techniques. 

This course has no observation requirements.

Complete Registration Payment

Completion of your payment is the only additional step required for course registration. Your PayPal receipt serves as your registration confirmation. If there are any issues with your registration, we will contact you directly at the email address used during checkout.  

You will receive further instructions regarding accessing this course at least one week prior to the course start date.

Technical Considerations to keep in mind...

1. Do you have a well-functioning device in your household? Devices should include a video camera and microphone. An external microphone is a plus but not a necessity. Chrome books do not tend to do well with music-making over Zoom, but other desktops and laptops are a good option, as are most up-to-date cell phones and tablets.

2. Is your household internet connectivity and bandwidth strong enough to manage a day of classes?

3. As we all know from the last few months, Zoom isn’t perfect. There is always a chance that due to an internet glitch or some other unknown factors, you just might miss a class or a lesson once in awhile. Please understand that there will be no refunds issued for any missed sessions. We will record most of the lectures and make them available for future reference.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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