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Summer Suzuki Institutes

| Well, it is that time again. No, not thinking about your New Year resolutions list;

thinking about attending a Summer Suzuki Institute!

This year, rather than telling you why I as a TEACHER think it is a good

idea to attend an institute, I thought I would get feedback from PARENTS

and STUDENTS who have attended one. So here we go!

“There are many things we enjoy about attending a summer institute. One

benefit is my kids’ renewed excitement about music and determination to

improve. Because we have attended the same institute for 4 years, we

have made many friends with whom we are in touch throughout the year,

and look forward to seeing every summer.”

Sami Flanagan, mother of violinists Lucas, Hagan, and Tatum

“The summer institute is really great because you learn so much seeing the

advanced violin players”

Gia Fredisdorf, violin student

“Through the years Charlie and Emma have attended the following

institutes for cello and violin; all of these institutes are strong for both


  • Chicago Suzuki Institute in Deerfield (and yes, we stayed - try not to

  • commute and book a hotel)

  • Southwest Ontario Suzuki Institute, Canada

  • Ithaca Suzuki Institute, New York

When the kids were little we signed up just because our teachers told us

we should. I had no idea the impact it would have on our family. You meet

so many incredible people. It was even more fun for the institutes we did

year after year. First your kids make friends with musicians from around

the world - Bermuda, Puerto Rico, China, Brazil, Canada, friends from the

United States - California, Florida, New York, Texas, and Chicago - and

those same little kids will show up in their lives in high school. It is really

quite amazing. You meet the amazing Suzuki teachers from across the

world and realize the community you are a part of. We bonded with our

fellow WSSTE Suzuki friends and cherish all of the fun we had. Raising

your kids in a musical community is one of the healthiest loving gifts you

can give your child. My kids cherish their musical friends and we share so

many great memories. And one immediate bonus for parents is that the

kids come home excited about their instruments and they practice a ton. If

you find you are nagging your child to practice, get them to an institute. It

does wonders for their motivation!”

Jill Mueller, mother of Emma (violin) and Charlie (cello)

“I watched as teachers genuinely connected with students at a multitude of

levels. The instructors not only helped to solidify the strong foundation with

which students arrived at the institute, but further guided and challenged

students’ development in technique and musicality.”

Rhonda Wrenn, mother of violin students Meryl and Elizabeth

“I liked learning the stories about the notes and learning about the treble

clef. I liked ice skating, playing in the fountain, and eating pizza.”

Wyatt Crossan, violin student

“I liked that you can learn a lot and improve. And I liked the pool and ice


Alex Crossan, violin student

“We love institutes because we get to spend special time together focusing

on violin for the whole week. Four classes a day is exciting because they

all focus on something different. The teachers are wonderful and very

nurturing. It also reinforces all that the home teacher does and says in the

lessons. We love it!”

Sarah Torrenga, mother of violinist Elliana, and WSSTE Violin Faculty

Now that you have read about the wonderful experiences, learning and

friendship that happen at a Summer Institute, what is your next step? Go

to the Suzuki Association of the Americas website,,

and look for where and when an institute might fit into your family’s summer

schedule. Institutes happen from June to August, and in just about every

state, including Alaska and Hawaii.