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Cellissimo: A Student Perspective

Maeve Masterson


Years ago, I remember peering wide-eyed into cellissimo rehearsals, listening to a depth and strength of sound I had never experienced before during my own cello practice.

Would my fingers ever dance effortlessly across the fingerboard like theirs did? Would my group class ever become this incredibly focused and composed ensemble? Skip forward ten years and my young aspirations have come to life.

Over the past six years, Cellissimo has strengthened not only my cello technique, but has shaped who I am as a person; where lessons extend past straight bows and bent thumbs and seep into daily life- from productive study habits to strong character traits. Group dynamics, cooperation, internalization, memorization, intonation, smooth emergence of sound, half and whole steps - all are Cellissimo focus points that have built within me an immense amount of grit and resilience that I now carry in face of daily challenges. Cellissimo is a tight-knit family, growing and improving together and building off of each other's weaknesses and strengths. We sway together, not only while we play our repertoire, but in the ups and downs of teenage life.

- Maeve Masterson

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